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What is the WTN
The International Tennis Federation (ITF) World Tennis Number provides a global standard for players. It is a 40-1 scale, with 40 being a beginner player and 1 being an elite professional.
This scale is for all players, regardless of age, gender, or ability. Players will have separate ITF World Tennis Numbers for singles and doubles.

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What is the UTR
UTR by Universal Tennis is a global rating system that promotes fair and competitive play across the tennis world. All players, regardless of age, gender, geography, or skill level, are rated on the same scale between 1.00 (beginner player) and 16.50 (elite professional) based on actual match results.

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The algorithms used in this app are based on formulas from research by Rebecca L. Mayew & William J. Mayew.
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Which global tennis rating better measures player skill?

Please note that the results in the Tennis WTN calculations are estimations only and are not guaranteed to accurately match real-world outcomes that you receive from your tennis rating bodies.

Tennis WTN will endeavor to improve the algoritms used, as more research data becomes available.

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